Room Maria Theresia

Maria Theresia Walburga Amalia Christina (May 13, 1717 – November 29, 1780) was the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions. In her 40 years of rule, she was styled the Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary and Croatia, and Queen of Bohemia.

She was buried in the Imperial Crypt after her death, and it is now a very prominent landmark in Vienna. Imperium Residence directly overlooks the Crypt.

The delicate colours of the Room Maria Theresia are a nod to the queen. The attention to detail and the exquisite design of the room are inspired by the reign of the Archduchess. Very special work has been done by some of the best craftsmen in Vienna in building the furniture in this room.

The room is cosy and relaxing, and can be connected to Room Schwarzenberg as a family room.

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