Imperium Residence
“If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna” Napoleon Bonaparte

“The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt.” – Karl Kraus.

Vienna has influenced great minds – philosophers, musicians, and artists – over the years.

Vienna offers a cultural, architectural, musical and culinary feast like few other cities in the world. On this page, we have brought you our top picks for an immersive Viennese experience. Some of these experiences are from our esteemed partners, and we have hand-picked the best of them for you. Come, experience “the best of Vienna” with us!

Our Partner Restaurant


Our Partner Restaurant


Our partner restaurant Medusa is one of Vienna’s finest. It is located in the same building as Imperium Residence.


Medusa offers our guests room service from 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM. Guests can also go down to the restaurant to enjoy their food, wines and cocktails. Or these can be delivered in-room.

To know more about Medusa and its offers, click here.

We serve you the “entire city of Vienna”

Riding Dinner

We serve you the “entire city of Vienna”


“When will you realize, Vienna waits for you…?” said Billy Joel in 1977. Don’t keep the city waiting any more! Join us on the Riding Dinner – a 60-minute sightseeing tour where you will discover three of Vienna’s finest traditional restaurants. You will be welcomed with a glass of Austria’s sparkling wine and a small savoury delicacy of the legendary Schwarzes Kameel. Then your traditional Viennese horse carriage will take you around the city so you can taste more Viennese food.
To learn more about the offer from our friends over at Riding Dinner, click here.

Cultural Sights


Vienna has endless cultural and architectural wonders to offer tourists. We have hand-picked a number of architectural sights and museums for you to discover and enjoy. You can also go to the official Vienna city website to know about the best of Vienna, from exhibitions to cultural shows, and operas to restaurant recommendations. To reach the official Vienna website, click here.


You will also find a lot of information at the Imperium Suite to help you discover Vienna’s sights. We are making a custom online app for you. Once ready, it will get you the best attractions for your Vienna visit.