Room Schwarzenberg

In 1688, Ferdinand Fürsten Schwarzenberg bought several buildings at the Mehlmarkt, which is now called the Neuer Markt. He demolished those buildings, and built a stately city palace in their place. Imperium Residence is located in one part of that historic palace.

The Palais Schwarzenberg at Neuer Markt is a prominent address in Vienna. It hosts many high-profile events, as well as premieres of the works of Joseph Haydn.

Set against this rich history, the Room Schwarzenberg is a tribute to the Family Schwarzenberg. The colours in the room represent the grandeur of the family, which was, at one point, one of Europe’s most influential.

Room Schwarzenberg has a direct view of the Neuer Markt, and the Room Maria Theresia can be connected to it as family suite.

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